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The Canarian Archipielago is located 60 miles from the African coast, on the 28th parallel (the same as Florida). It can be said that its temperatures are always spring-like, due to the moderating effect of the trade winds. Climatological experts add that the proximity of the Sahara Desert acts as a neutralizer of humidity, which gives the islands one of the most healthy climates in the world, with a great quantity of hours of daylight each year. Mean temperatures are some 24ºC in summer and 19ºC in winter. 

Gran Canaria is in a privileged distance that separates the island from the main European capitals. Between three and five hours by plane, any European can reach this tourist paradise. With regard to America, Gran Canaria is only a six-hour direct flight away from New York. Gran Canaria's airport, one of Spain´s busiest, handles numerous aircraft daily, both on regular and charter flights. Inter-islands flights are frequent and short. 

The roughly circular island of Gran Canaria has a diameter of 49 km. with 1.532 km. of surface area and 236 km. of beachy coastline. The southern coastline has fine beaches with golden sands, of which Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas, with its wonderful sand-dunes, are outstanding examples. The rugged North coast, by contrast, has impressive cliff of volcanic rock with small coves of deep blue waters. 
The island centre has dense and varied vegetation going from mixed scrub and euphorbia in the lower reaches, through evergreen trees half-way up the slopes to the pine woodland of Canary pine in the island's peak district. The mountains of Gran Canaria rise from the sea to the lofty central summit of La Cumbre (Pico de las Nieves: 1.950m.). The sharply varied scenary more than justifies Gran Canaria´s nickname of "Miniature Continent".

Las Palmas, the capital, a cosmopolitan town, has all the attractions of a big city: magnificent hotels, threatres, concert-halls, etc.

The island's exceptional climate allows for sporting activities to be carried on outdoors all year round. There are also designated areas and excellent facilities for such aquatic pursuits as Sailing, Surfing, Windsurfing, Deep-Sea Fishing, Scuba-Diving, etc. Golfing, Cycling, Ryding and mountain sports such Hill-walking are possible at any time of the year. 

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