Juan Méndez Rodríguez  

Artificial Intelligence and Systems Group   
Computer Science and Systems Department  
University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  
35017-Las Palmas   

Phone 34 28 458758  
Fax 34 28 458711  


      Was born in May/10th/1958, and received Industrial Engineer degree in 1980. He received the Ph.D. in 1983. He was associated profesor of a lot of matters: Physics, Electronic, Programing and so on. From 1986 is academic related with courses in Artificial Intelligence. Was full profesor in 1992 on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. He is a founder member of the GIAS Group. His general research interest are in Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence applications, Computer Vision, Learning, and Autonomous Systems. Now, he is mainly involved in research related to Learning, KDD and Data Mining. He design and programing the first version of SVEX, a Tool to construct image proccesing systems based on rules and objects.   
      Development of a Real Time Vision System. Learning by Symbolic Clustering.

Grupo de Inteligencia Artificial y Sistemas (GIAS)
Dpto. Informática y Sistemas
Universidad Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
35017-Las Palmas-SPAIN