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Attach positions - form2.c

We can position the side of a widget to a position in a form. Motif assumes that a form has been partitioned into a number of segments. The position specified is the number of segments from the top left corner.

By default there is assumed to be 100 divisions along the top, bottom, left and right sides. This can be changed by setting the form resource XmNfractionBase

The position of a particular side of a widget is set by setting the widget resource XmNtopAttachment etc. to XmATTACH_POSITION and then setting another resource XmNtopPosition etc. to the appropriate integer value.

The form2.c program specifies the top left of button1 to the edges of the form. The right and bottom edges are attached half way (50 out of a 100 units) along the respective bottom and right edges of the form.

button2, button3 andbutton4 are positioned similarly.
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