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Widget Resources

Every Widget has a number of resources. These control many features of the widget such as the foreground/background colours, size etc.. A particular widget will have specialised resources such as callback resources which define how the widget responds to an event etc..

Every Widget is documented in the Motif Reference Manual which gives a complete list of resources a particular widgets employs.

There is a hierarchy of resources (Fig 5) and a widget will inherit resources from a higher resource class.

Fig. 5 Widget Hierarchy

The levels of the hierarchy are:

- the top of the hierarchy comes from Xt intrinsics. This superclass gives background, size and position resources that are common to all widgets.
- the superclass of all primitive widgets. Defines things such as foreground and highlight colour.
- the superclass of containers for widgets. Has two sub-classes: Shell and Constraint - see below.
Widget level
- resources particular to the widget.
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