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Manager Widgets

The following Manager widget classes are available in Motif:

- provides a 3D border effect to a widget. See frame.c
- allows scrolling of windows
- A typical top level container for an application. Many widgets can be put in here. Especially useful for Menubars, Scrollbars and command windows.

- provides a widget where graphics can be displayed. NOTE: Motif does not provide any graphics functions. Xlib provides them.
- Allows vertical tiling of widgets.
- provides a slider object that can be used for user input.

- A widely used widget that can lay out widgets in a 2D fashion.
- has three sub-classes:
- similar use to RowColumn but allows greater control of placement and sizing of Widgets.
- there are two forms of dialog: a MessageBox which simply gives information to the user and SelectionBox which allows interaction with the user. Motif provides a Command widget for command line type input and a FileSelectionBox for directory/file selection.

We will study many of these in detail throughout the course. Some like frame are fairly straightforward and the example program frame.c should explain a lot. Some (Dialog for instance) we will meet in the course of a program but will not be looking at in great detail.
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