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ScrolledWindow Widgets

If we have to we can create a Scrolled widget with XtVaCreateManagedWidget() with the xmScrolledWindowWidgetClass pointer or with XmCreateScrolledWindow.

Associated definitions etc. are included in <Xm/ScrolledW.h>.

Useful resources include:

XmNhorizontal, XmNvertical
- ID's of scrolling widgets .
- XmAUTOMATIC or XmAPPLICATION_DEFINED. If automatic then scrolling taken care of otherwise application must create and control XmScrollBar widgets itself.
- XmAS_NEEDED or XmSTATIC, as with List Scrolling.

- XmCONSTANT or XmVARIABLE. If constant then scrolled window cannot resize itself.
- The widget to be scrolled.
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