• Astronomy
  • Agrupación Astronómica de Gran Canaria (AAGC),
  • Virtual Tours - Solar System,
  • The Web Nebulae,
  • Orwell Astronomical Society (Ipswich),

  • The Mammoth Music Meta-List
  • Music Resources
  • Ceolas celtic music archive (Incluso Milladoiro aparece)

  • Movies
  • Opera Prima's home page

  • Gaelic homepage
  • Language
  • The Human-Languages Page
  • The On-line Books Page including Project Gutenberg hypertext index.
  • Commercial

  • Commercial Sites on the Web, and the Branch Mall (flowers, magazines, promos)
  • Underwear,
  • Search Services

  • WWWW - the World Wide Web Worm, Web Crawler, W3 Search Engines, ArchiePlexForm, Aliweb, and CUI WWW Catalog searchable.
  • 411 Search Internet directory assistance, Whois Searches, and WHO's On-line.
  • Size of the Internet & Web
  • Robots, Wanderers, and Spiders
  • News

  • News Page (AP)
  • References

  • Planet Earth Home Page
  • Top 25
  • Virtual

  • A Tourist Expedition to Antarctica
  • The Virtual Hospital - medical references
  • Unix

  • UNIX References
  • Hypermedia

  • PERL hypertext man page and archive.
  • Internet Web Text (a hyper-book intro to the Web), The Guide to Network Tools (resource manual for Mosaic, Gopher, Hytelnet, etc.), Clarkson Educational Materials (HTML, etc. - more eclectic), and HTML Quick Reference.
  • Converters to and from HTML
  • The On-line Books Page including Project Gutenberg hypertext index.
  • Pictures and Images

  • Ansel Adams Photographs
  • huge collection of Icons (searchable), X icons filtered library (files must be ftp'd), Some nice buttons and icons, and finally Anthony's icon library.
  • SCS Common Image Gallery - icons and greek letters
  • Gifs (alphabetically) and gif & ppm Picture Archive
  • Pictures from Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection
  • Eclipse Pictures and Solar Eclipse of 3 Nov 1994
  • Ascii Art repository
  • Star Trek pics directory
  • Sandra's Clip Art Server
  • 3D textured icons
  • Alphabets and funny "line" gifs
  • robot arm movies
  • Art History Images - searchable database
  • Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
  • Images
  • Movies, TV

  • Genetic movies.
  • TNS Video demos
  • TV List
  • Fun Stuff

  • Earthquake Info - World-wide
  • Cambridge Trojan Room Coffee Machine
  • a random URL
  • CMU's Coke Machine
  • "Guess the Animal" game
  • Library Humor
  • MUDs: Virtual Spaces
  • Science fiction resource guide
  • On-line Fiction
  • Security

    Filter out parts of documents based on user logins using forms. In the future I hope to add some sort of interface to the Mosaic auth feature (which will cache the password).

    Using the Web to Provide Private Information

    Updated Thu Oct 13 1995

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